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Minimize Allergens For A Healthier Household

A more allergen-free home is typically a more healthy one for every occupant. Here are some tips for maintaining a home low in allergens that is far more friendly to family members and visitors dealing with allergies or asthma:

Stay cool and dry - According to Prevention, a Wright State study found that mite populations were much lower in homes with a relative humidity below 50 percent. To more closely monitor indoor humidity, consider a modest investment in a digital hygrometer. An energy-efficient HVAC system with sufficient capacity to cope with Orange County's occasionally humid air is key to successful humidity control.

Vacuum frequently - In addition to keeping up with the vacuuming, consider the use of a special HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner. This special filter will capture more of the allergens lurking in carpeting and upholstery. In most cases, it is also possible to add a HEPA filter to an HVAC system to draw down indoor allergens to more manageable levels.

Minimize accumulating dust - In addition to dusting hard surfaces frequently, there are other ways to minimize dust in the home. One is to decorate with care. Dried flowers and items with porous surfaces will attract more dust, so display them sparingly. Occasionally remove stuffed animals and decorative baskets for a thorough cleaning.  

Deal with wet items - A window left open before a rainstorm, a burst pipe or a sudden roof leak may soak carpeting, drapes, furniture, clothing and other items prone to mold growth. It is vital to dry or remove all items within 24 hours or so. Once, again, an HVAC system operating a peak efficiency can be run to lower indoor humidity to speed the drying process.  

Certainly, one of the important topics related to air conditioning, duct service / cleaning and HVAC maintenance is the control of allergens, particularly in homes where family members cope with asthma and/or allergies.

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